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Samantha Liew

Last Update a year ago

The Upload Documents feature allows you to upload documentation against a chosen employee file. You can also control who has access to this information, i.e. the employee, their managers, or admin roles specific via custom access settings.

Path: Employee > Documents

Click the New Documents button to add a document.

1. Set the document title

2. Insert description related to the document

3. Select the Employee related to the document under "Tag" field.

4. Select related document access from the drop down provided. (Refer to the table below)

5. Upload related document

6. Once completed, click the Submit button.

Admins OnlyOnly user with Admin role can view the document
Admins & Report ToOnly user with Admin role and Report to of Employees can view the document
Admins & EmployeesOnly user with Admin role and Employee tagged can view the document
Admins & AllAll user can view the document

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